Finding Me-Now

Everyone at some stage reached a part in their lives when they thought, “This is it, I’m done, I’m screwed, there’s no way out of this.” This could be one of the easiest paths to follow. You know what’s even more difficult? Looking those situations in the face and saying “This is a new beginning for me, let me make the most of it.

We don’t always get many opportunities to do things over. Instead of looking at it as a shlep to start again, look at it as though it’s a second chance. If you read my post on being retrenched, you’ll know how hard it is for me. And sure, not 100% of the time am I all about the positive thinking, sometimes it gets me really down and I am crying in front of Ru Paul’s Drag Race with my dogs.

Because I’m human.

But I wipe my face, I get on my laptop, and I research what opportunities are out there. I am not helpless or unable to make something of myself again. The thoughts of rejection and helplessness are powerful, but you know what? So am I.

So are you.

As I grow older, I’m slowly starting to understand people when they say life is hard- Life is not there to make things easy for you. There is no silver spoon edging toward your lips waiting for you to take a bite. You need to get out into the big, bad scary world and fight for what you want.

What do you want?

Whether it’s a family, an amazing job, a body you can be proud of. You are the only one in this entire world who knows what makes your heart smile. And you’re the only one that can reach for the opportunities that can make those dreams a reality.

What do I want?

Well this is what I’m taking some time to figure out. I’m working on my body. I have an amazing friend who’s support is beyond words. I have family and I have a roof over my head and food in my pantry.

What makes my heart smile?

Apart from what I have now, I am exploring those very options. To sit here on my couch, my dogs at my side, my fiancé in bed, I am blessed. But we all need a job. And who says a job needs to be a chore?

I’m finding my passion.

Are you?