Creating Confidence

Iwould never categorize myself as a “creative”. When you look at people on IG in Cape Town specifically, you see “creatives” as being those who live in or around the city center, have their hip apartments filled with artisanal goods and delicious monster plants. They either work for themselves or in a creative space where they get to choose when and where their creative energy will be apparent. They also usually drink loads of craft beer or artisanal home-made gin.

I do realize this sounds like a derogatory generalization, but it’s not at all. This is the stereotype of a “creative” in my hometown.

Now, I live in the suburbs, with two dogs and a fiancé. I have one indoor plant, holding on for dear life, and I work in a corporate environment. I barely go out to indie restaurants with clever gimmicks. I don’t drink alcohol, and I like to order food from places I know won’t disappoint me. Yet, I can’t say I’m not a creative person at heart.

In an attempt to find out what my passions are, I’m also exploring the idea that I have more creative traits than any other, and even though I don’t fit into the typical stereotype, doesn’t mean I’m not a creative.

creating confidence


This website, for example, I not only designed it myself, I also set it up on the technical side, I did everything that needed to be done to set it up. The look and feel was something I wanted to be done very specifically. I wanted it to be clean and crisp, minimal but not sparse, and I think I achieved that. In its entirety, I created this.  And it’s something I enjoyed more than anything else in a very long time.

When you think of doing something for the rest of your life, is it what you’re doing right now? Probably not.

That’s where I find myself. I would love to be able to take the risk and find clients to do digital marketing and copywriting for, but the market is so congested, to try and make myself stand out seems like it just wouldn’t do. The freelancer market is highly competitive, and sometimes I find myself doubting why someone would choose me. Now is this the result of losing faith in my abilities because I’ve allowed myself to be put in situations whereby I “lost” my confidence? Sure it is. That’s why I’m here. I’m putting it out in the universe to find what makes me excited and thrilled.

What’s my passion?

Writing will always be my first love. Whether it’s SEO copywriting, landing page copy, social media content, I adore researching topics and writing long or short form copy. It stimulates me and it’s something I’ll never get bored of.

Industries that excite me?

The cosmetic, beauty, fashion and e-commerce industries are areas of special interest. I love fashion. Being able to find outfits on a budget, creating a look tailored to my body type and making myself feel confident through clothing, makeup and accessories are my favourite pastimes. I’ve recently in the last two years found a keen interest in makeup and I’ve become quite good at it!

I’m noticing a pattern as I’m furiously writing these thoughts down. What gets me excited and what I’m passionate about is making people feel good. Whether that’s fashion, make-up, marketing a product that someone is proud of, I love to create confidence and give support to people.

I want to be surrounded by positivity and excitement. I want to be confident and create confidence in people. Whether that’s by giving fashion and beauty tips, spreading the word on how important working out and eating right is, I want to be a spokesperson for creating confidence in people.

Now… Where do I begin?