Anxiety and me

This is a topic I’ve been dreading to write about. Not because it brings up strange emotions, but rather, it’s the acknowledgment of how many years I’ve allowed myself to fall victim to this condition.
I read something over the weekend, where it said, there is no cure for anxiety. I have to disagree with that. Sure, there’s no magic pill that’s going to take it away, trust me I’ve been on multiple anti-depressants over the years trying to swallow away the dread of living my life.

There is a cure for anxiety. It’s you.

Inspiration comes from strange places. I found mine recently during an embarrassing disclosure of watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. (I occasionally indulge in mindless TV.) This episode, Kim, and Kendall were dealing with their anxiety. Kendall had sleep paralysis and Kim was scared of driving- Ding ding- I’m triggered. More about that later.

anxiety 2

Kim decides to tackle her anxiety head-on. She sees a therapist and does some CBT on the roads, confronting what scares her the most. The therapist tells her that she needs to learn to accept the irrational thoughts, rather than allow them to overwhelm her. And she does it.

Kendall’s a little more hesitant, but finds solace in meditation, and goes on to pursue the things that scare her the most.


Now I know I’m no Kardashian, I certainly don’t have the resources to seek professional cognitive behavioral therapy, or have a guided meditation circle in my luxury penthouse. But I took something far more valuable away from that episode. It can be cured. Anxiety doesn’t have to be forever.

My fears and tears

This is a section that could go on forever. But instead, I’ll list the things that irrationally trigger my anxiety the most.

  1. Driving alone
  2. Being in public places alone
  3. Heights

Wow, I thought I’d list at least 50 points. To see it down as just three measly points, is quite reassuring. Sure, those three things are debilitating, because I’ve allowed it to dictate how I live my life, or rather, how I haven’t been living my life.

Over the next few days, I’ll be researching what’s going to work for me. What my issues are, what resources are available to me and which plan of action seems best- and doable- for me.